Window Stickers: Getting the Options from the VIN for Lexus Cars

Window Stickers: Getting the Options from the VIN for Lexus Cars

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Unfortunately –  it can be really hard to find the exact options from the VIN number of your Lexus. Given that some Lexus Packages and options can make the difference between a fully loaded luxury car and a slightly dressed up Toyota, its very important to find out exactly the options and package your Lexus has.  At Wikilender, we’ve put together a more comprehensive Lexus VIN decoder that gives a JSON file output of the exact options and packages of a Lexus if you input the VIN. This Lexus VIN decoder won’t work on every Lexus (older vehicles, canadian specification cars, or other out of market cars won’t work) but it does provide the best online options and packages information from any given Lexus VIN.

This Lexus VIN decoder will work on most 2006+ Lexus vehicles including the IS250, IS350, ES300h, ES350, RX350, RX450h, GX460, GX470, LS460, LS600h.

 Submit the VIN in the form below to get your Lexus VIN Decoded into Options

Example Lexus VIN decode into options:

The VIN decoder will supply a JSON file. The output should look like this which gives all the options from the Lexus VIN. This particular IS250 is an F sport package car with the Mark Levinson sound system.

Lexus VIN decoder options


Key Information from the Lexus VIN decoder.

The Lexus VIN decoder will return all of the manufacturer packages and options in “short code” (or the original manufacturers shortened descriptions).

  • Some of these options will be more expensive additional up-sell items (such as the Mark Levinson sound system, and the F Sport Package)
  • Some of these items (while options) are free additional extras as a result of the other packages on the car. (In this case the “Navigation Complimentary Credit notes that the navigation package is included as part of another package on the car)


What the Lexus VIN decoder won’t tell you

The VIN decoder and options breakout describes the car’s features when it was new. It will not outline:

  • Any dealer installed options
  • Any aftermarket or altered options (for example if the F-sport wheels had been later changed to standard wheels).
  • Anything about the present state of these options or conditions


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