Bentley Window Sticker: Get all your Bentley Options from the VIN Decoder

Bentley Window Sticker: Get all your Bentley Options from the VIN Decoder

We’ve moved this window sticker tool to a new and improved site!

Input the VIN and get the entire list of all Bentley Options. Use wikilender’s Bentley VIN decoder below to finally figure the differences between those used Bentley’s you’re admiring. Note that this tool will take a few seconds to load (its a large pdf after all), and that the Bentley VIN decoder will work on most 2012+ Bentley’s. Earlier cars unfortunately, are much more difficult to obtain information.

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Submit the VIN in the form below to get your Bentley Window Sticker

What the Bentley Window Sticker Tells You

Bentley’s Window sticker tool will provide the complete original Monroney sticker. An example Bentley sticker is included below.

Bentley Window Sticker VIN decode

On the Far Left

  • Manufacturers suggested base level pricing (MSRP before options was $187,900 on this Bentley)
  • Additional options, destination charges, and their corresponding prices (Contrast stitching for example was $1,940)
  • The complete price of all option and features for this VIN. (The total comes to $208,710.00)
  • Additionally, the right-hand section of the left box contains all the standard options and features of the Continental GT.

On the Right-hand side boxes

  • EPA estimates for fuel economy
  • Annual fuel expenses
  • Government safety ratings for this Continental GT
  • The parts-content of the car describing where the majority of components came from (59% of the Bentley for example is made in Germany, despite being assembled in Crewe, England)

What the Window Sticker won’t tell you

The window sticker describes the car most accurately “when new”. So if the car has had either dealer-installed, or owner installed customizations its not likely to show those new features.

Similarly, the sticker won’t reflect anything about current condition, or the presence of any accidents. For doing more research there, I recommend reviewing Carfax, Autocheck, and having a professional inspection performed at any authorized Bentley dealership.

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