Window Stickers: Porsche VIN Decoder and Window Sticker Tool

Window Stickers: Porsche VIN Decoder and Window Sticker Tool

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Not all Porsches are created equally. In fact, given the extent of the options available, on any given used Porsche its incredibly difficult to know the exact vehicle cost, additional options, or other details. To make it easy, the team at Wikilender has been busily working with OEM’s and other third party sources to make it easy to reproduce an original Porsche Window Sticker and Porsche VIN decoder so you can access all of the details on any given Porsche model. For similar window sticker tools see a link to our buying guides here.

This Porsche VIN decoder can decode any 2010+ Model year Porsche – including the 911, Cayenne, Boxster, Macan, and Panamera, and even the 918 Hypercar.

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Example Porsche Window Sticker Display:

Here’s a snapshot of what to expect from the Porsche Vin decoder tool:

Porsche Window Sticker - 2015 918 Spyder


Key Information from the Porsche Vin Decoder

The Porsche Window Sticker tool includes almost everything on the original car, but it can be difficult to compare the prices of exact options.

On the very top side you can see:

  • The exact exterior color (unless the car was built to order)
  • The OEM named interior color
  • The production month of the vehicle
  • The original MSRP of the vehicle (the Porsche 918 pictured above was $915,900)

The bottom section shows:

  • Individual options included on the car (such as the Front Axle Lift System)
  • Individual OEM manufacturer option codes (such as “474” for the axle lift system)

This particular vehicle – is the same Porsche 918 listed below.

Porsche 918 - Window Sticker

What the Window Sticker/VIN decoder won’t tell you

The window sticker describes the car when it was new. It will not be a good reference for:

  • The current market value of the car (in the case of this 918 it is worth more)
  • The current condition of the car
  • Any additional dealer installed accessories or packages
  • The maintenance or accident history of the vehicle

And finally – while the sticker may show this Porsche had an original MSRP of $915,900 when news – its current value is more impacted by market conditions. In this case – the current asking price as of March 2017 is $1.65 Million

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