Window Sticker: How to get your Infiniti Window Sticker or VIN decoder

Window Sticker: How to get your Infiniti Window Sticker or VIN decoder

We’ve moved this window sticker tool to a new and improved site!

As a luxury car – you’re going to want to know what features and options the vehicle comes with. Yet, why is it so difficult to find if you’re looking through all of the listing sites themselves? To make it easy, the team at Wikilender has been busily working with OEM’s and other third party sources to make it easy to reproduce an original Infiniti Window Sticker and Infiniti VIN decoder so that its now easy to see the exact features, options, packages and even the original MSRP. Please note that the tool is still somewhat limited to newer model Infinitis (2013+ model years) and cars originally sold through a Nissan dealership (rarely does it have rental fleet vehicles). For similar window sticker tools for other makes and models – see a link to our buying guides here.

This Infiniti VIN decoder decodes most late model Infinitis – including the G37, Q50, Q40, QX80, QX60, amongst others.

Submit the VIN in the form below to get your Infiniti Window Sticker

Example Infiniti Window Sticker Display:

After using the window sticker tool – here’s an example Infiniti QX80 Window Sticker.

Window Sticker Infiniti QX80


Key Information from the Infiniti Vin Decoder

This sticker is called the Monroney Sticker, and includes a number of details on this QX80.

The Left Side 2 Columns Include:

  • Standard vehicle equipment (everything included on the standard QX80 )
  • Exclusive non-paid features to that trim (luxury extras or items included with the QX80 that come at no extra charge)

The middle column shows:

  • All the upgraded packages, features, and options included on this particular car (this QX80 has the Driver’s Assistance Package, as well as the Theater Package)
  • The total MSRP (Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price) before options (in this case $63,250)
  • The total vehicle MSRP after all options, packages, and delivery charges are incurred ($69,145)

The Box on the Far Right will show:

  • Vehicle EPA rated fuel mileage (16 MPG across city and highway driving)
  • The original delivery location (Infiniti of Cool Springs)
  • The manufacturers names for interior and exterior colors (this model is smoky quartz on graphite)
  • Government safety ratings (The 2016 QX80 was not yet rated)

Here’s a photo of this QX80.

Infiniti QX80 - Quartz


What the Window Sticker/VIN decoder won’t tell you

The window sticker describes the car when it was new. It will not be a good reference for:

  • An estimate of the current used-vehicle price
  • The current condition, mileage, or state of maintenance of the vehicle
  • Any additional dealer installed accessories or packages
  • The maintenance or accident history of the vehicle


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