Window Stickers: Chrysler Window Sticker and VIN decoder

Window Stickers: Chrysler Window Sticker and VIN decoder

We’ve moved this window sticker tool to a new and improved site!

So you want to get a used Chrysler, but are having a hard time going through all of the online listings and finding the feature you want. Luckily, we’ve made it easy to find the exact options and features that came on any particular car. At Wikilender – we created a handy window sticker tool to find the exact options and features on any given Chrysler. Here’s an easy tool to reproduce the Window Sticker for any Chrysler.

This comprehensive Chrysler Window Sticker Tool can also be used also a Chrysler VIN decoder to see all available equipment (the “build sheet” of the car).

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What the Chrysler Window Sticker Tells You

Luckily, unlike other OEM’s the Chrysler sticker offers a pretty comprehensive set of information for all of the brands within the Chrysler Group (Fiat, Chrysler, Alfa Romeo, Dodge, Ram). This Monroney sticker includes:

  • A defined list of the standard options and features on any given Hyundai
  • All optional extras included on the car at the time of build
  • The complete MSRP price of the base vehicle and added options and features
  • EPA estimates for fuel economy
  • Government safety rating

What the Window Sticker won’t tell you

The window sticker describes the car most accurately “when new”. So if the car has had either dealer-installed, or owner installed customizations its not likely to show those new features.

Similarly, the sticker won’t reflect anything about current condition, or the presence of any accidents. For doing more research there, I recommend reviewing Carfax, Autocheck, and having a professional inspection performed.

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