The ultimate out-the-door price car loan calculator

We’ve researched 150 different car loan calculators. All of them heavily constrain the possible inputs and therefore overly simplify the calculations, which leads to wrong conclusions. We created the ultimate out-the-door price car loan calculator to fix those shortcomings.

A Good Car Loan Calculator Helps Calculate the Out-The-Door Price

If you’re currently in your car search or if you remembered your last car search, no dealer tells you the out-the-door price of the vehicle you’re interested in over the phone. The sales associate will tell you something like: ‘your out-the-door price depends on a variety of parameters, when would be a good time for you to come in?’

The out-the-door price of your vehicle does indeed depend on a multitude of parameters, some of them you didn’t even know you were going to be charged:

  • negotiated price of the vehicle – duh!
  • document fee
  • electronic transfer fee
  • smog fee (if applicable)
  • smog certificate (if applicable)
  • registration fee
  • taxes
  • tire fees
  • down-payment
  • trade-in value
  • extended service plans
  • extended maintenance plans
  • GAP insurance
  • etc.

Dealers have the right to pass the above fees onto the consumer and will certainly do so. The following out-the-door price loan calculator therefore will automatically assume these values for you and therefore give you a very accurate monthly payment estimate.

Thanks to our large database of Credit Unions, the calculator automatically picks the lowest rate for you and tells you which Credit Union would provide that rate to you based on your ZIP code:


Tax rate:



Vehicle year

Vehicle mileage

APR Payment

48 mo
60 mo
72 mo
84 mo

Vehicle price

Doc Fees

Electronic Transfer

Smog Fee

Smog Certificate


Title & Registration



Fin Amount

Credit Unions:
48 months:
60 months:
72 months:
84 months:

What else you need to consider when calculating your car loan

In a previous post we advised to never get your car loan at the dealership. Choosing a car loan is a big decision, almost as big as choosing the vehicle you want to finance. When you get to the dealership, you typically have already invested hours if not days or weeks into researching the vehicle. However, the dealer will require you to make an ad hoc decision on the car loan to get you onto the road as quickly as possible.

You should obviously never rush a financial decision and therefore prepare yourself well before you get to the dealership. You want to have a leg up versus the dealer, who sells cars every single day of his life. Therefore, let’s briefly discuss the main parameters the above out-the-door car loan calculator takes into consideration:

  • ZIP: we want to connect you to the best Credit Union and therefore need to know where you live

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